Our Story

A mutual trust that continues for over 50th years

Carrozzeria Zanasi is an historic company that has its roots in the land of motors and speed: Maranello. This soon led the company to be influenced by the biggest local manufacture: Ferrari.

The collaboration between Carrozzeria Zanasi and Ferrari was born in 1964 when Enzo Ferrari himself, was looking for skilled artisan with the ability to repair his cars. So Enzo meets Umberto Zanasi, a young talent artisan of the place.

Thanks to his dedication to work and his excellent capacity Umberto immediately earned the trust of the Drake.

The real breakthrough will occur in 1970 with the arrival of  the panel beater Sergio Martinelli and the varnisher Adriano Giusti. At the time the official Ferrari’s bodywork in Modena, Scaglietti,  ceases to repair the production cars of Ferrari customers, that largely passes to Carrozzeria Zanasi.

At the same time, the Maranello car company, granted official recognition to simple part-time relationship that began long time ago and based only on the mutual esteem of Umberto Zanasi and Enzo Ferrari, turning it into a real industrial partnership.