Zanasi Group at TEDx in Maranello: “Evolution as the search for the perfect wave”

On 17 September, Zanasi Group took part in a TEDx  event hosted at the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium in Maranello. The theme of this highly acclaimed event was an exploration of “E-volution”, on which several speakers were invited to share their thoughts on and insights into all of its aspects.


The highlight of Zanasi Group’s contribution was the powerful speech given by the group’s general manager, Michele Aporti. His unique, thought-provoking discussion captured the attention of both the general public and the other contributors at the conference, as he explored the meaning of evolution using surfing as a metaphor. He described evolution as a continuous search for the perfect wave, during which every change in flow brings with it an opportunity to prepare for future challenges in order to gain the most from them. He stressed the importance of being ready to exploit emerging opportunities and constantly adapting to changing market conditions.


Michele Aporti’s speech received a warm reception from the audience, who appreciated his innovative perspective on evolution and his ability to convey the intricacies of a complex concept in a clear and accessible manner. 


Zanasi Group’s involvement in the TEDx in Maranello represents, for the group, a step forwards in its promotion of innovation and its commitment to continuous evolution in industry. The company is determined to continue searching for new opportunities to improve and grow, just like a surfer seeking out every greater swells in order to achieve success.

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