Zanasi Group part of the “Made in Motor Valley” brand

In 2021, Zanasi Group joined the ranks of the supporters of the Made in Motor Valley brand. A significant move  which testifies to the professionalism, successes, and constant commitment demonstrated by the group, which has been operating in the field of car bodywork, paintwork, and restoration for almost 60 years.

The painstaking selection of companies admitted to the “Made in Motor Valley” brand is intended to showcase all the know-how offered by companies in the Emilia area, both in Italy and around the world. The brand provides customers with a guarantee of quality and professionalism relating to innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, and production. Made in Motor Valley embodies a hotbed of excellence and we are proud to be part of this synergistic system of sharing and promotion, which employs  blockchain technology to provide protection for the innovative ideas and solutions created. 

At present, it is flanked by over twenty other companies that have also joined the ranks within MMV, the  brand created by business owner Socrate Zizza. 

 “For Zanasi Group, being part of this collection of companies that have made history in the world of motor car is a significant step forward, a natural consequence of our evolution within the automotive industry. Our history has always been linked to the Ferrari history since  Enzo Ferrari himself came to us searching for skilled craftsmen to repair his cars. We earned ourselves the role of Ferrari authorised body shop due to our certified engineers and specialist expertise in the repair and customisation of high-end cars”, stated Stefano Levoni Bomposti, C.E.O of Zanasi Group.

Over the years, Zanasi Group has grown considerably, becoming the go-to name for customers and enthusiasts all over the world. Today, the group is known throughout the automotive industry for the experience, craftsmanship, and innovation it demonstrates in all its activities.


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