Zanasi Group partners Mutina Arborea to plant trees around the province of Modena

On 4 April 2022, the Zanasi Group teamed up with the tree-planting organisation Mutina Arborea for an initiative in the province of Modena, a tangible expression of the Group’s constant commitment to environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of the local community. 

Both of these goals guide our actions, our modus operandi, and our plans for a better future, centred around the wellbeing of people, the area, and future generations. Given all these reasons, we have chosen to embark on this remarkable initiative together with Mutina Arborea, which has worked alongside local people, schools, institutions, and businesses for years on widespread reforestation projects in and out of towns across the Emilia region. 

Mitigating the effects of climate change is possible. Only together can we put down roots to ensure a greener, more sustainable future.


Mutina Arborea

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