55 years of passion handed down through a book celebrating Carrozzeria Zanasi’s history and successes

2016 – Carrozzeria Zanasi narrates its 55 years of successes in an extraordinary must-read. Now a  major business in the international automotive scene,  many things have changed at Zanasi since its beginnings as a small body repair shop. In an elegant 140-page volume, titled “Trasmettere passione – 55 anni della carrozzeria Zanasi [Transmitting passion – 55 years of the Zanasi body repair shop]”, the Maranello-based company looks back over  its evolution, exploring over half a century of life through first-hand accounts from the key figures in its history, documents, and pictures published for the first time here.

The words of its founders

Using the words of its founding partners, Umberto Zanasi, Sergio Martinelli, and Adriano Giusti,  the book describes the milestone events and key stages of a process that enabled the company to achieve outstanding goals and become a trusted partner of both Ferrari and a vast international clientele. A story dense with emotion and fuelled by memories, a story of dedication and a passion for the world of cars. A story that began with Carrozzeria Zanasi.

The origins of a dream: a story intertwined with the world of Ferrari

The history of Carrozzeria Zanasi and Ferrari is a tale of passion, dedication, and success, an example of how a partnership between two outstanding Italian businesses can produce something exceptional. 

The company, Umberto Zanasi’s dream, has been linked to Ferrari ever since it was established: it all began in 1964, when a young, talented sheet metal worker (Umberto Zanasi) caught the attention of Enzo Ferrari himself. His expertise and precision won over Il Commendatore (one of the names by which Enzo was widely known)  leading to the start of a partnership that would prove to be long-lasting. In 1970, the arrival of Sergio Martinelli and Adriano Giusti marked a turning point for the company. Respectively skilled in sheet metal processing and paintwork, these new members  elevated Carrozzeria Zanasi from a simple repair shop to a trusted partner for Ferrari.

A fresh driving force emerged when Umberto’s son Marco joined the team in the 1980s. The quality of the work improved further, and Zanasi’s reputation extended beyond national borders, garnering a prestigious international customer base.

The relationship between Carrozzeria Zanasi and Ferrari is not only based on professionalism and technical expertise, but on shared values too, such as a passion for cars, attention to detail, and the pursuit of perfection. It is a union that embodies Italian excellence in the automotive industry, a union born from a dream and fuelled by an unwavering passion.


In addition to the historical account  of the company, the book also includes a number of anecdotes that highlight the richness of the relationship between the two businesses, such as Enzo Ferrari’s visits to the body repair shop and his gestures of recognition to the employees, or the time he brought his own car to Zanasi personally for a repair. These interactions reflect the deep respect and mutual esteem on which the partnership between the Prancing Horse and these expert craftspeople was based.

A forward-looking dream that continues to grow

The history of Carrozzeria Zanasi is a tale of growth and transformation, an inseparable bond of tradition and innovation. Originating from a dream and fuelled by an unrivalled passion, the company evolved over the decades, adapting to the changing needs of the market and anticipating future trends. It has always upheld core values,  such as excellence and quality, that have made it a leading name in the automotive industry.

The success of Carrozzeria Zanasi is multifaceted and rooted in various aspects, from expanding  capacity and infrastructure to investing in new technologies (especially in the field of painting, classic car restoration, and racing) and increasing its team and offices, to name but a few.  

“Our long-standing relationship with Ferrari has led us to constantly improve the quality of our work.” […] “Ever-faster repairs. As body repair specialists, we have expanded considerably into classic cars and customisation projects. We always have cars to repair, and with our modern facilities and equipment – combined with our vast experience – repair times are becoming quicker by the minute”. 

Umberto Zanasi

“Bridging the present and the future” –  the new generations

The book also gives voice to the new generations, with contributions from Marco Zanasi, Stefano Levoni, Marco Martinelli, Alessandro Martinelli, Giorgia Zanasi, Andrea Levoni, and Francesco Levoni.   These younger generations, who have taken over at the helm, offer a different outlook on the future, which they are addressing from an innovative, sustainable perspective.

“We began working on a growing number of projects for Ferrari, becoming one of the company’s go-to suppliers. As experienced craftsmen, we embarked on an internal industrialisation process, adding another important aspect, namely internationalisation. This new vision for development originated from the fact that, in Italy, the car body industry was more organised, while – as I starting travelling around Europe to visit dealers, customers, and friends I met in Ferrari – I began to realise that there was a whole other world which could appreciate our services”.

Marco Zanasi

Closing comments

The work at Carrozzeria Zanasi has an outreach beyond the automotive world and has also had positive impacts for the local community in the town of Maranello. The book ends with contributions from prestigious figures including former mayor of Maranello Massimiliano Morini  and Antonio Ghini, former head of communications at Ferrari. What emerges from their words is the value  that Zanasi has brought to the automotive world and the indelible mark it has left, through its unrivalled excellence, innovation, and constant pursuit of quality.

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