Zanasi Group organises paintwork training course for beginners

In the automotive industry, and in bodywork in particular, training is the essential  starting point to achieve extraordinary results and create increasingly high-performance and innovative solutions. An approach that is totally in line with the Zanasi Group corporate philosophy. 


In particular, a specialist training course for newcomers to paintwork was organised by the Zanasi Group HR team in collaboration with Randstad and Andrea Cuoghi Costantini (owner of CCV and major supporter of an area used for training bodywork technicians  in Modena), opening the doors to new opportunities for growth and success to seven young people with no specific skills in the field. The course  ranged from the acquisition of the fundamentals to understanding the latest innovations.


As Alessio Alberghini (Zanasi Group HR manager) stated:


 “the creation of the training course for newcomers to paintwork essentially arises from the combination of company production needs and the somewhat lack of potential candidates for this area of employment. The people are there but expecting to find them immediately trained and ready to work is often unrealistic; so we decided that the added value that training can provide – and in this specific case pre-employment training – was the way forwards”.


The course lasted three weeks. At the end of the training, placements were found for all the resources in the Zanasi production Group facilities, in agreement with Giordano Salvatore (Zanasi Group production manager) and Silvia Tomei (Zanasi Group HR team).


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